Fiona Tan

Rose of Holiness

Rose of Holiness

Artist Description: A rose is the symbol of love, beauty and balance. It can be seen as a reminder to cleanse the mind. Experience and purify from within, with the most precious holy spirit and a well of holy water. Each rose works alone and together with the other two.

  • ETH Blockchain (ERC-721) NFT

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After you purchase an NFT on our platform, it is minted onto the Ethereum blockchain and will be held in escrow on your Possess account. You can withdraw it from your account to an Ethereum wallet after purchase.

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  • Blockchain Secured

    All Artworks minted on our platform are ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. All pieces can be verified using etherscan after the minting of the piece has occured.

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    Once an artwork is minted on Possess, it will be available in your Possess account for withdrawal to your crypto wallet. You will recieve an email with instructions after completeing a mint.

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