Withdraw Your NFTs From Possess

Login with purchase email to view your NFT storage.

  • Step 1

    Once your payment is processed by Coinbase Commerce (may take several minutes), navigate to your email to find your new NFTs Certificate of Authenticity. Then, navigate to this page and click the button above to enter your email.

  • Step 2

    After you enter your email above, verify the code sent to your email inbox, after verification you will be able to see your collection in storage. Once the claim button is clicked on the NFT you want to withdraw, sign the transaction within your wallet to successfully complete the withdrawal.

  • Step 3

    Once you have withdrawn your NFTs, navigate to Opensea.io and login with your Metamask account. You will be able to see your new NFTs (if not, navigate to your "hidden" folder). Click your NFT, scroll down and find the details of the piece. Locate the contract address and token ID, copy and import these into the NFT section of your Metamask wallet to view them in your app.