The Artists

Every NFT on Possess is created by an established artist, creator, entity. Our creators stem from all over the world and choose to mint their digital pieces exclusively on Possess.

Adam Jonah

American Digital Artist

Adam Jonah is a multimedia artist based in New York City;

“Charm, warmth, and openness are the words that come to mind when viewing Adam Jonah’s seductive images. His work questions convention, celebrates life and nature” -The Editors of The Southampton Review literary art journal

Adam’s artwork has been exhibited at Art Market Hamptons, Ille Arts Gallery, Artwalk NY benefiting The Coalition for The Homeless, & Northwell Health

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Kilian Saueressig

German Contemporary Artist

Multidimensional artworks from all worlds.

Dynamic play with form, color, light, material, space and time.

Art as a means of reflection, expression and communication. As a means to organize myself and my thoughts, to gain analogies for different concepts and to find simplifications through analogies from the most diverse areas of knowledge and creativity. Art as a means of finding a goal. The goal of gaining a clear standpoint of one's own being in our world. Clarity about meaningful values, clarity about your own knowledge and your own self-imagined and experienced knowledge. Only one's own knowledge produces one's own individuality. Self- confident and self-determined.

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Carmen Novaco

Italian Tridimensional Contemporary Sculpturist

Inclined by geometric art and inspired by Russian Constructivism, Carmens sculptural work is crafted from various materials including metal, plexiglass, and wood.

NFTs from Carmen Novaco represent her physical cubes placed in a digital world where the laws of physics do not apply. 

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Fiona Tan

Monogasque Contemporary Artist

The New Light Monarch, aka fine art artist Fiona Tan, is a mixed media artist focusing on NFT collections centered around the idea of bringing new states of experiences in the metaverse. Light as a medium, both physically and spiritually, is essential to her creations; crystallizing her vision of a multi dimensional and layered world.

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Marc Balet

American Contemporary Artist, Creative, and Architect.

Marc Balet is an American art director and architect. Marc was also the creative director for Andy Warhol working on Interview Magazine as well as Andy Warhol’s 15 Minute TV show from 1976 until the pop artist’s death in 1987.

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Nico Mares

German Contemporary Artist

At the beginning of each new project, there is always a specific imagination in the head, just like a rough outline, a starting point for the working process, where I am always working without preliminary drawing and build up the complete painting slowly with highly diluted colour. This is an absolute restart each time.
The finished painting shall, but must not compulsively mirror that initial idea. The painting has to work from and by itself. So that all colours and elements of the painting create an image reality together.
The source of my ideas is reality.

- Nico Mares For Art Daily

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Yul Vázquez

Cuban Contemporary Artist & Actor

Actor, Composer, and Artist Yul Vazquez brings alive the love for his Cuban origins, reflecting spirituality and dynamism. He shares his exposure to the rich history of Afro-Caribbean religion, the occult, cryptic signs, and mysterious symbols.

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Euphoria NFT By Alessia Moccia

Italian Contemporary Artist & Photographer

I observe life, and I've always had a sense of where things are going because I am a cultural observer. Fashion references were always, and continue to be, the leading force in my thinking. I have worked as an art director and fashion editor with celebrities and public figures, providing photoshoots for print magazines. I use my camera to make my compositions and invent my reality. Instagram - @euphorianft

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Spanish Contemporary Artist

Salustiano develops pictorial work, meant to be a homage to the great masters of Renaissance, depicting the human body from hyperrealistic perspective.

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