The Future of Art.

Possess is a minting platform for single and open edition contemporary NFTs. We showcase digital artwork created by established contemporary artists from across the globe. The NFTs listed on Possess are completely unique and exclusive to our platform. A contemporary NFT is a unique digital file of media completed in the modern era by an artist or creative that is stored on a decentralized blockchain. All NFTs sold on Possess are ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Once an NFT is purchased, it is held in escrow on your Possess account where you can then withdraw it to your crypto wallet.

About Possess Platform

Founded in 2022 by Daniel Leinfelder and Ryan Holt, Possess was conceived to enhance the world of fine art with the use of emerging Web3 technology. Operating between New York City and Munich, Possess curates prominent and emerging contemporary artists and offers a platform for minting their digital works to clients and collectors.

The Founders Pass

To celebrate the launch of Possess, we are releasing 500 founders passess. Held in your Ethereum wallet, this VIP pass will allow holders exclusive access to events and offers from Possess in the future.

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