• Mint Real Art NFTs

    Using Ethereum ERC-721 Standard Smart Contracts, the artwork on Possess is minted onto the Ethereum blockchain for the first time upon purchase. Pay with $BTC, $ETH, or $USDC via coinbase commerce, then withdraw it from storage on your Possess account to your metamask wallet.

  • Established Creators

    Possess showcases NFTs constructed by artists who stem from creating physical pieces. Most pieces available on Possess are among the first digital works ever available from these artists. Once a piece is acquired on Possess and claimed from your account, it is tradeable on platform such as opensea.io.

  • Web3 + Fine Art

    Possess is helping to merge fine art with emerging Web3 technologies. Possess Platform helps to verify digital works from real artists using blockchain technoloy, in the future the Possess brand will expand utilizing new innovations within the space.

Browse Possess Exclusive NFTs

Available for minting onto the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Our Artists

    Possess works with established contemporary artists and creators from around the globe. Learn more about the artists releasing their work exclusively on Possess.

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  • Learn More

    Learn about Possess, the artwork available on our platform, and our team. Discover our founders pass and reach out for assistance, inquiries, and partnerships.

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